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      During the past sixteen years, Robert Thomas has successfully completed and prevailed in numerous jury trials. Also, he has equitably settled many lawsuits in mediation or during pre-trial negotiations.


           Bob just recently defended a Texas corporation in a complex civil lawsuit involving several plaintiffs and multiple contractual and tort claims. The demands of the plaintiffs were for more than $500,000 and after a five day jury trial, the jury rendered a take nothing verdict for the plaintiffs.

            Bob represented four Houston police officers in a civil rights lawsuit in federal district court and the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals regarding the death of Pedro Oregon Navarro in a police shooting. During the pre-trial discovery, Bob took the deposition of the plaintiff, Rogelio Oregon Navarro. During the deposition, Rogelio admitted that he had committed aggravated perjury when he testified before the state and federal grand juries and that he lied to the FBI regarding the details of the fatal police shooting of his brother. The transcript of the deposition was turned over to the Harris County district attorney and Rogelio Oregon Navarro was subsequently indicted for aggravated perjury. Later, he pled guilty to the felonies. Pursuant to his conviction, a federal district judge dismissed the federal criminal indictments of the officers involved in the shooting. Further, the federal civil rights lawsuit against the City of Houston and the individual officers was subsequently dismissed prior to trial.

            His docket included a Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) lawsuit in which he represented 897 Houston Police Officers against the City of Houston. The subject of the lawsuit involved how the FLSA was to be applied to govern the use of accrued compensatory time for municipal police officers and a remedy for past damages. The litigants settled the claims regarding application of the Act and future damages in the 2001 City of Houston and police Meet and Confer agreement. The lawsuit for back damages was subsequently dismissed and the petition for writ of certiorari was denied. 

            Mr. Thomas represented two City of Beaumont police officers in a federal lawsuit regarding the constitutionality of the police departmentís three-pronged hiring list. The police department was using three hiring lists, one for white males, one for females, and one for minority men. A federal judge ruled that the hiring plan of the City of Beaumont discriminated against white males. The City abandoned the hiring plan and settled with the two plaintiffs.    

             His experience includes the management of a legal department with an annual budget of approximately one million dollars and the supervision of four staff attorneys, two legal assistants, and outside counsel. He has conducted numerous training seminars regarding the state civil service law, Chapter 143 of the Local Government Code for attorneys who represent and defend Texas Police Officers.

            Bob has also settled approximately ninety (90) personal injury claims and/or litigation during the past sixteen years.





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